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McCarthy: Wahlberg's the love of my life

McCarthy: Wahlberg's the love of my life 

Jenny McCarthy has called fiance Donnie Wahlberg 'the love of my life'.

The model-and-actress became engaged to the New Kids on the Block singer last month, announcing the news on The View, which she co-hosts. For the 41-year-old, their relationship is one of the things she is most thankful for in life.

'Someone said to me, ''You have to be so happy, everything''s going great.'' And it really is," she told Entertainment Tonight. "And I''ve really implemented this year those ''stop'' moments where I go, ''God, thank you so much for health - number one - my son, falling in love with the love of my life. I can''t even imagine living my life without him."

Donnie, 44, who was sat next to Jenny at the time, and was slightly taken aback by her declaration. He asked for a minute to gather himself before carrying on with the interview. 'Can I just sit on that for a moment?' he joked. 'I just want to feel it, I'm feeling the gratitude right now.'

The couple also opened up about their wedding plans, which are quite scarce at present. But despite the fact that Donnie has a reality show, Wahlburgers, the lovebirds know their nuptials will not be shown on the small screen.

'The revolution will not be televised, nor will this wedding I don''t think," Donnie said.

"We don''t know when. We''re kind of just floating in the ''I''m your fiance'' kind of fun in it," Jenny added. "There''s no rush. We''ve done it before. We know it will happen. I think it''s just a matter of our schedules."

The wedding will be the second marriage for both stars. Donnie was married for nine years to Kim Fey until 2008 while Jenny had a six year marriage to John Mallory Asher which ended in 2005.

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