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American Music Awards Top 5 Acceptance Speech Moments

Acceptance speeches do not always have to be boring – sometimes they can be great moments shared between artists and fans. On Nov. 24 in Los Angeles, the American Music Awards honored this year’s top musical artists – giving each awardee an opportunity to speak their heart. Let us take a look at the most memorable ones of 2013.
American Music Awards Top 5 Acceptance Speech MomentsJustin Timberlake won three awards that night, impressing with his “crossover” music appeal. The ex-boyband member not only bagged the favorite pop/rock male category, but won favorite soul/R& B male and soul/R& B album as well.
Comedian Sarah Silverman, before presenting him with one of the soul/R&B awards, joked about Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and Rihanna – implying that they were an unusual set of nominees for the soul/R&B category.
Timberlake joked back, “Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, I can say this is the first time I have ever been racially profiled by a white woman.”
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, on the other hand, brought up racial profiling in seriousness as they accepted the award for favorite rap/hip-hop album.
“Due to the fact that we are in Florida tonight accepting this award I want to acknowledge Trayvon Martin and the hundreds and hundreds of kids each year that are dying due to racial profiling and the violence that follows it. This is really happening. These are our friends, our neighbors, our peers and our fans, and it’s time that we look out for the youth and fight against racism and the laws that protect it,” pleaded rapper Macklemore.
American Music Awards Top 5 Acceptance Speech MomentsAmerican Music Awards Top 5 Acceptance Speech Moments

Marc Anthony won the award for favorite Latin artist. The last time he was honored at the American Music Awards was in 2004. He was quite eloquent in his acceptance speech after receiving the award from host and personal friend, Pitbull.
“Wow,” he exclaimed. “This is absolutely surreal. It’s been an amazing year, and to receive it from my boy, Pit…” He goes on to say, “Thanks to my family and crew. Ya’ll know who you are. I’m sure I don’t have time to thank everybody, but I’ll call you in a little bit,” sparking chuckles from the audience.
“There’s a saying, ‘Because you’re alive doesn’t mean you’re living.’ And I just want to say – don’t forget to live,” alluding to his award-winning record “Vivir Mi Vida.”
American Music Awards Top 5 Acceptance Speech Moments
Rihanna won the American Music Awards’ first-ever Icon Award. Bill Maher introduced her as having “become the voice of our time.” Rihanna’s mother, Monica Fenty, was asked to present the award to her daughter. Mother gracefully came onto the stage and began with praise for God and Jesus.
“Rihanna, I’m so proud of you tonight,” Fenty gushed. “I know the journey in your career has not always been an easy one, but tonight I applaud and admire you.”
Fenty did a fantastic job presenting the award. Perhaps her accidental reference to the Icon Award as “Iconic Award” was the best part because it’s such a “mom” thing to do. Arguably, this may have been the best part of the whole show.
American Music Awards Top 5 Acceptance Speech MomentsFinally, the American Music Awards gave Ariana Grande the “New Artist of the Year” title. She was absolutely adorable in how she scurried to the podium in her lovely gown and heels. If that wasn’t enough, she seamlessly pulled her speech notes from her dress while catching her breath. Adhering to the clock, she hurried through her speech – sounding like a tongue-twister as the time expired.
This year’s American Music Awards left us with some acceptance speech moments to remember. Hopefully, next year will be just as good.

Rihanna and Shakira Sensual and Sexy [Video]

Rihanna guest stars on Shakira’s new song, Can’t Remember to Forget You, and these two ladies are sensual, sexy and nearly naked. Scenes on a bed, of the two smoking cigars and of each woman dancing (mainly up against walls) fill the three-and-a-half minutes needed to accompany the song.
After having a baby, Shakira shows that her hips did not suffer from childbirth. Rihanna, in the news for this music video and for a few other things, shares her vocals, her dance moves and sultry nature to bring Shakira’s song to life for YouTube viewers every where. Several hair flips and rolls around on a black-and-white-striped bed distract from the lyrics, but draw in astonishing amounts of attention and publicity. The video was watched over 6 million times via Vevo within the first 24 hours of its posting. At one point in the video, Rihanna strokes Shakira’s backside. The two later exchange leg rubs with body parts overlapping, all while singing “I’ll do anything for that boy.” In another shot, Shakira is up playing the guitar (then the drums) in what looks like a room full of standing water. Rock stars are immune to electrocution?
While watching the video of Rihanna and Shakira giving their sexiest and most sensual performances, it is hard to forget that the 25-year-old Barbados native is also in the news for allegedly being mean to Modern Family actress, Sarah Hyland. According to Sarah’s tweet on January 29th, she sang a line from Rihanna’s song,Stay as the pop star walked by the dressing room. Rihanna did not stay, or even slow down, and Sarah expressed the interaction as a “diss.” The two were guests that day on Good Morning America, Sarah to promote her upcoming film Vampire Academy and Rihanna to plug her new work on the Viva Glam campaign for MAC Cosmetics.
For her appearance on Good Morning America, instead of sporting an outfit similar to the provocative music video, Rihanna wore a coral Chanel suit with flat-ironed hair, grey pointy heels and simple, classy jewelry and makeup. Was that the singer’s wardrobe choice? Either way, her look was appropriate for the show and demonstrates her ability to change up a style when necessary. Trust that the Chanel suit was not anywhere on the Can’t Remember to Forget You set though; the clothes, or lack thereof, are sending a completely different message altogether.
Prepare to see a version of how sex sells and remember that these two women are singing about, as Shakira described it to Ryan Seacrest, “that guy that just gets under your skin and you can’t leave alone.” The video has gotten the attention of other celebrities. LeBron James and Kelly Clarkson each tweeted about his and her experience of Rihanna and Shakira, citing the “unfairness to mankind” and the appreciation for the female form. The official video for Can’t Remember to Forget You is below. Are the reactions of others ringing true? Are the two female singers onto something with their collaboration and visual performance?

Rihanna and Shakira Can’t Remember to Forget You Released Now (Video)

Can’t Remember to Forget You is a sensational song collaboration between two of the hottest,  youngest singers – Rihanna and Latina beauty, Shakira. The two women appear on the sultry cover, Rihanna glamorously rests on her side, her raven-colored hair beautifully arranged across Shakira’s lap. Shakira sports frostier locks, her hand perched gently atop Rihanna’s shoulder. The song is being featured on Shakira’s upcoming album, which has not yet received an official release date.
Shakira states that singing with Rihanna was “utopia,” adding the Barbados songstress is the “sexiest woman on the plant.” Shakira shared during their time in the studio, Rihanna taught her some moves. The song is rated extremely high by listeners, calling the tune the new “it” song. With an upbeat rhythm with a twinge of reggae, the tune is certain to bring fans to appreciate the collaborative efforts. It also makes some ponder if Rihanna had an underlying concept when she expressed her lyrical delivery.
The song is titled Can’t Remember to Forget You and has lyrics that include “Land in his bed, repeat yesterday’s mistakes.” The two beauties have been hinting at a collaboration since the first of the year, especially after Rihanna posted a picture on Instagram, stating “One. Week. Countdown.” Fans anticipated the release and that arrived this morning. With Shakira’s smoky voice and Rihanna’s captivating tune, the ladies have definitely struck gold with their newest hit.
Early Monday morning, RiRi released a tweet stating the announcement was being made on-air with musical host, Ryan Seacrest. During the morning countdown fans chimed in on how much they looked forward to it. Once released, fans stated they truly thought it was one of Rihanna’s best songs. While the lyrics may seem intentional to one person formerly attached to the singer, others think it may be a sign of Rihanna moving on.
Several days ago, the Barbados sensation uploaded a picture on Instagram of Philadelphia Eagles linebacker, Mychael Kendricks with the caption, “Is it Monday? Cuz chhh…#MCM.” #MCM stands for Man Crush Mondays. Kendricks’ picture showed the NFL player emerging from slumber beneath a mound of blankets. No word if it was an upload RiRi came across, or if he was closer than expected. Fans were quick to point out that Kendricks bares a striking resemblance to ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.
Sources close to the singer state Brown sent Rihanna a letter, asking for her forgiveness. Friends state the singer scoffed at the letter and even burned it at a party, with friends following suit. In addition, an unnamed guest in attendance stated Rihanna declared, “good riddance” as the letter burned. It seems the starlet is looking to move beyond the sordid relationship the two formerly had.
While RiRi is single and free in 2014, Shakira has her hands full with baby Milan. Shakira and Gerard Piqué are proud parents of little Milan, who will be celebrating his first birthday on the 22 of this month. Shakira records and mingles in Hollywood, but her home is with her family overseas in Spain. The Latina songstress has made a name for herself, including the way she can move her hips, see her Hips Don’t Liemusic video to judge for yourself.
Rihanna and Shakira collaborated on Can’t Remember to Forget You, released this morning with Ryan Seacrest. Based on fan response, hopefully these two talented, young, singers will make beautiful music together, again.

Rihanna Flashes Diamond Grill and Shows Up on Time for Jay-Z

Oh, no she didn’t! Yes, she did. Rihanna took a moment from her brief cameo appearance yesterday to share with her Twitter fan base a flash of her diamond grill with a caption of, “‘I’m an outlaw b***h!!”
Probably not. Or maybe, if she didn’t show up on time. Jay-Z and Timberlake were the big winners of the star studded Wireless Festival in London. As Jay-Z was settling into his final number ‘Run This Town’ the crowd erupted into raucous cheers as Rihanna’s voice started the song.
Wearing a scantily clad mix of a white bra top and tight, leather skirt, Rihanna joined her mentor on stage to share in the spotlight. The crowd was entranced and showed nothing but love for the singing sensations. RiRi didn’t stay too long, her friend thanked her for coming before she departed. This of course gave the lithe beauty a moment backstage to grab her camera and flash her diamond grill to share with her many fans on Twitter.
It was nice to see Rihanna show up on stage and share it with her long-time mentor, especially since lately she has been making late a new fashion statement. This brief moment with Jay-Z should remind the Barbados darling to appreciate her fans.
Rihanna’s tardiness started becoming a habit last last year when she arrived at the start of her ’777 Tour’ two hours later. The singer blamed “issues with luggage” not paying particular attention to over 100 fans and reporters who also made the trek to Mexico City, with luggage in tow.
During the same tour, Rihanna was accused of lip-syncing, barely dancing and to the frustration of dedicated fans, issued a nonchalant apology. Moving into 2013 RiRi’s unapologetic behavior continued.
July 10 was the most recent incident, Rihanna had a scheduled concert in Monaco, and showed up a record three hours and 10 minutes late. No apologies again. The exclusive event was $800 per person and fans were to dine on an upscale dinner while the singer performed. Incensed fans took to Twitter with messages like, “Are you lost?” and “YOU’RE LATE BABY.”
It is with high hopes Jay-Z has taken an issue and a seat with his young prodigy. RiRi has to understand that fans will only take so much abuse before pinning her negatively. Social media is a deadly tool for any celebrity and she can easily end up on the wrong side of fan appreciation to earning scathing reviews.
The once media darling is now drawing the ire of of music critics. Belgium music critic Sasha Van Der Speeten bit into the Barbados behind of RiRi, “There was a wall of reinforced concrete between Rihanna and the public at Sportpaleis. The pop icon played almost two hours on autopilot … it had the effect of a Valium overdose.”
Ouch. Even fans are taking to Twitter to share their displeasure of the declining commitment Rihanna has shown. Fans are relaying their experiences from her recent concert, calling her “drunk” and “stoned.” Rihanna simply cannot expect to receive fan accolades and continued commitment with such careless regard to her actions.
At least during the Wireless Festival when Jay-Z started ‘Run this Town’ Rihanna was there as expected to start the song. Let’s hope she flashes less diamond grill and learns from grandmaster JayZ who holds an impeccable record of attendance and commitment to fans. Maybe their brief stage share will remind Rihanna how far she has come, because of the fans.

Rihanna Teaches Miley Cyrus How to Twerk in Pour It Up (Video)

Rihanna has taken the Miley Cyrus challenge and really “sexed-up” her latest music video, Pour It Up. She teaches Miley Cyrus how to really twerk and she doesn’t have to take off her clothes to do it. Although what she is wearing leaves very little to the imagination. The singer proves that she doesn’t have to strip off completely to show how sexy she is. We have Rihanna’s music video below for your entertainment.
In the video, the 25 year-old performer also pole dances. Rihanna has been posting Instagram photos of her outfit in the video in the run up to its release. She looks and sounds fantastic in her latest offering.
Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and the old lady of this sexy trio, Britney Spears have all turned up the temperature in their latest music videos. At 31 years of age and a mother of two, Spears is rapidly running out of time to keep showing that body off. Her see-through body stocking days will soon be over, but, like Rihanna she proved in her Work B*tch that its all about the packaging.
But one female artist that won’t be performing in her birthday suit or with too little clothing is Katy Perry. The 28 year-old Roar singer has gone on record saying that she doesn’t feel she has the necessary equipment to appear nude, or near nude, in her music videos’ Perry did say that if she had the body of Rihanna she might consider it.
But if Katy Perry or Britney Spears wanted to learn how to twerk, Rihanna would be the person to show them. In her latest music video Pour It Up, she also looks like she’s teaching not just twerking but pole dancing as well. Miley Cyrus take note.
But back on the subject of music video nudity and Ms Perry’s feelings about same, she also said that her age negated that sort of performance. With her being just two short years away from the big 3-0, she felt that pulling off that look would not work for her. She pointed out that she wanted to focus on her music and not her body and she wants her fans to do the same.
Perry’s decision to let her singing and lyrics be the center of attention shows a maturity that both Rihanna and Miley Cyrus lack in their careers. Katy realizes that age and gravity make it hard to continue that exhibitionist type performance that the two younger performers appear to be relying on.
Britney Spears, has lost none of her sex appeal and after giving birth to two boys, she knows all too well how hard it is to maintain that youthful looking body. Spears manages to ooze sexuality with most of her clothes on; she relies on looking and acting sexy rather than stripping down completely.
Rihanna doesn’t rely on Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball technique waltzing through her videos naked, but, she does show an incredible amount of skin. She does rely more on “raunch” than bare essentials. Her twerking and pole dancing represents her focus on the seamier side of sex, but, in the way of performance. Like a stripper at the local lap-dance club, she exudes a different sort of sensuality.
Miley relies on her 20 year-old youthful and sag free body to sell her interpretation of sexy. Her twerking, which she seems almost addicted to shows her desire to be more like a younger version of Rihanna. But in terms that adult earthy sexiness that Rihanna evokes when she twerks, Miley is years behind.
In Rihanna’s latest music video Pour It Up, she teaches Miley Cyrus what twerking is all about and the right way to do it. It looks as though Miley may need to practice a little more and get some size to her tiny behind. Rihanna’s video is below for your twerking entertainment.

Rihanna Tweets Nude Photos

Not surprising to most, Rihanna is at it again tweeting nude photos via Twitter and Instagram. These are professional photos taken by photographer Mario Sorrenti for a Lui magazine spread however. The French adult entertainment magazine is known for its full frontal nudity and provocative photos. Created in 1963 they wanted to create a men’s magazine with some class, and was massively successful through the early 1980′s. After that their soft porn type publication lost their audience.  In the mid to late 1980′s the French attempted to revive the magazine but again stopped publishing in 1994. It has been re-designed through the newest owner Jean-Yves Le Fur as a classy up scale mens magazine and started publishing again on September 5, 2013.
rihanna censored
Rihanna will certainly get the readership up with these photos that are not only erotic but are very well done. Tweeting late Tuesday afternoon, she has everyone talking again. She is a beautiful young woman who is not afraid to show her body. Show her body she does, as she graces the cover showing everything from the waist up. She is also proud of her body, as everyone should be proud of their bodies, and has set her nude photos up as her Twitter profile pictures. Not everyone is so confident as the bold Miss Rihanna tweeting nude photos for the world to see.
The Lui magazine has followed closely along the guidelines of Playboy, or visa versa, depending on who you are talking to, by having in-depth articles along side gorgeous naked women. Many french actresses have been in the magazine like Brigette Bardot and Mireille Darc, and now this beautiful songstress. She is not only drawing the attention of her fans, but of her peers also, Lady Gaga tweeted “Hot”, and I am sure more will weigh in, the longer the pictures are up. She is just another of her generation that takes advantage of social media and gets people talking.
At just 26 she has made a name for herself as an artist, musician and clothes designer. Quite a lot on her plate for someone so young, but she makes it look effortless. She was born in Barbados, and her career started with producer Evan Rogers in 2003. As her mentor he got her to produce a number of demo tapes and sent them to several record companies until she ultimately signed with Def Jam Recordings. After auditioning for Jay-Z, the president of the record label, she was a shoe in, and history was in the making
She is no stranger to adversity and what some call bad public image, as she will post photos on a whim, not caring what others think of her, and only being true to herself. Although any publicity is not necessarily good, as evidenced from her sad relationship with Chris Brown to Twitter pictures of her smoking marijuana. Her fans adore her for her talent and her big bold voice that is unmistakable when on the radio. So whether Rihanna is tweeting nude photos or singing in concert, her fan base is firmly in place and behind her 100 percent.

Rihanna and Her Nude Pictures

Rihanna and her nude pictures could be a hot topic now, but it is no more surprising that the word nudity almost certainly is the perfect synonym of Rihanna. The pop sensation recently got naked for an adult entertainment French magazine, Lui. She got completely topless there, baring her full nipples on the cover page, in which she appears in just a hat and a tiny pair of briefs. In her photo shoot, Rihanna candidly displayed her hidden treasure in the appealing shots. Mario Sorrenti shot the photographs, and in the photo shoot, the 26-year-old Barbadian star puts on not much more than a bikini bottom, gold body jewelry and a bucket hat.
That is not the entire story. Lui published several fascinating nude photos of Rihanna. In one of them, she is seen resting on her belly by a swimming pool, with her uncovered bottom on display to view. In another photo, she puts on just a black net g-string as she sits on the border of a diving timber.
Rihanna, the bad girl, is well-known for her lewd pictures, so it appears as no shock that she went topless for Lui. What is shocking is that the singer shared the non-censored topless and bottomless photos from the French magazine shoot on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. The pictures are still available on Twitter, but Instagram in no time removed the topless photos because they broke their code of conduct.
It is just been a week since the singer was seen dropping her underwear for a BrazilVogue shoot. A French men’s magazine released the cover photo on Twitter on Tuesday. Lui also posted a Twitter photo collage that shows a behind-the-scenes look of the racy photo shoot.
Rihanna’s risque photo shoot is not the only thing that has created controversy; rather, nudity and Rihanna always go hand-in-hand. With nudity and spicy activities, it is quite possible that she has appeared in the news more times for her antics than for her career achievements.
However, she is in fact still a celebrity, which is the reason Rihanna and her nude pictures matter. TIME Magazine named Rihanna one of the most influential people in the year 2012. Although no one can deny the pop star’s talent, per the magazine’s own explanation, the yearly list of Time 100 includes individuals who can inspire others, entertain, challenge and change the world.
Rihanna loves her body and is not ashamed of showing it off or even posing nude on magazine covers. She is sexy, has a banging body and if she wants to wear her birthday suit all day long and share it with her fans, that is her own choice. But in recent days, she has clearly been making an effort to share it more than normal. One day, she is out to a Brooklyn Nets game in a tight white tank, wearing no bra at all. Another day, she is on the cover of Vogue Brazil. However, her most risqué appearance ever could be her most recent, on the cover of French adult entertainment magazine Lui, where she is both topless and bottomless. So, what could be next? One could logically throw this question to Rihanna now.
Others wonder why a star like Rihanna, who seems clearly to be a disturbed female and in need of professional help, is paid money to demean herself through unwise collaborations while at the same time being applauded for her influence on society. Even more worrying is that she has the power to be very influential on her fans, who range from sensitive teenagers to normal adults, and she appears to be exerting that influence by releasing nude pictures of herself.

Miley Cyrus Slapping Little Person Booty and Crying

While Miley Cyrus has been getting wildly effusive praise for her talents after the success of Wrecking Ball she stepped up on the iHeartRadio stage in Las Vegas Saturday to perform. The singer had enough little people on stage that it looked like a Wizard of Oz reunion. All that was missing was the Lollypop Guild. And Miley was really getting into her performance. Crying at one stage and slapping little person booty the next.
The former Hannah Montana performed her cover of Look What They’ve Done to my Song as part of her four song set. She also sang Wrecking Ball, her number one on Billboard chart in its first live performance. She did her routine on the Clear Channel festival outdoor stage.
The crowd was excited to see the 20 year-old singer and they were chanting the singer’s name. Darren Criss, who plays Blaine Anderson on the Fox Networks showGlee, performed the emcee duties and he introduced the We Can’t Stop singer to the audience. Criss had no trouble coming up with an appropriate intro as he fell back on the old, Miley needs “no introduction” routine.
Miley was attired in a pair of ubiquitous short-shorts with matching camisole or teddy top that laced in the front. Her cast of little-people dancers come on as mushrooms, flowers, and a couple who were wearing a huge rainbow. One of the little people was dressed in a similar style to Miley; short-shorts and a white halter-type top. It was this young lady’s booty that Cyrus slapped while they were twerking together. Her crying came later.
Miley Cyrus Slapping Booty
The drums being played for her four-song set had a picture of Miley on the bass drum with her equally ubiquitous tongue hanging out.
Her four numbers were We Can’t Stop. Party in the U.S.A., Wrecking Ball, and Look What they’ve Done to My Song. As part of her performance, she spoke of the recent negative press she has been getting. She explained that her videos and the VMA performance might be getting her in “trouble” but she was just doing what her “heart and soul” told her to do. She also admitted that everything was “inspired by music.”
It was this little spiel that prefaced her Look What They’ve Done to My Songperformance. Miley did her version of the Melanie Safka song, which had a Cyrus country feel to it. The song is about being in the public’s eye and feeling pressured by the close scrutiny. Twice during her performance she “cried.” She faked tears for her Safka cover and later, when she performed her number one hit, Wrecking Ball, she cried again.
Sources at the performance were under the impression that she was really broken up while singing the song. But considering that the music video that featured Miley in her birthday suit also featured her crying, it was most likely part of the act. Although some felt it was the loss of Liam Hemsworth that prompted the tears.
When Miley ended her set with her recent number one and she thanked all her fans for supporting her. In the middle of her act one over enthusiastic fan threw a bra up on stage. Miley took it in her stride and allegedly threw it right back. She told the crowd that this was her first time to thank all her fans for helping Wrecking Ballreach number one.
Miley Cyrus put on one heck of a show. Singing, crying, slapping a little person’s booty and throwing a bra back into the crowd. What more could you ask for?

Miley Cyrus Starting to Crack: Nip Slips and Stage Blubbering [Video]

After months of being in the limelight, producing an endless series of provocative performances, wearing outlandish attire and twerking her way out of relationships, are there telltale signs Miley Cyrus is starting to crack? Performing a recent gig at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas, on Sep. 21, the We Can’t Stop singer began to blubber. Aside from this emotional spectacle, Miley also experienced a nip slip, as an unsuspecting crowd of fans looked on.

The Nip Slip

Miley’s supporters were clearly in full-force, as she arrived on stage to rapturous cheering. She began by graciously thanking her fans for attending the event, and helping to propel her new single Wrecking Ball to number one on the Billboard top 100.
She then went onto address recent stirrings within the media:
“As you know, there’s always things that I’m doing that are getting me into trouble, but really it’s just me doing what my heart and my soul is telling me to do, and it’s all inspired by my music.”
Although many consider Miley to have been in a state of undress during her Video Music Awards performance, the young singer inadvertently took things to a whole new level during the iHeartRadio festival.
E! News reports that Miley had a wardrobe malfunction, whilst on stage. However, this nip slip did not seem to deter Miley one bit; later on during the proceedings, she switched into an even more risqué outfit. This time, Miley was sporting a meshed garment, with her assets concealed by nothing more than a couple of black nipple covers.

Stage Blubbering

Miley (aged 20), as expected, delivered a live performance of Wrecking Ball. Many, quite naturally, speculate the song is a reference to her relationship with Liam Hemsworth.
Last week, the couple called off their engagement and put an end to their relationship. Speculation over precisely what triggered the split is rife. Held at the Barclay’s Center in New York, Many report Liam Hemsworth (aged 23) to have been mortified by Miley’s racy VMA performance. However, other sources close to the pair suggest the romance to have been on the rocks long before Cyrus’ eccentric collaboration with Robin Thicke.
Throughout her Wrecking Ball performance, Miley was evidently very emotional. Undoubtedly, the performance now has even greater personal meaning following the official demise of her relationship, perhaps explaining the outpouring of emotion.
Miley Cyrus flashes a bit too much flesh at the iHeart music festival
Miley accidentally shows a bit too much flesh at the iHeart music festival in Vegas
On the other hand, this is quite conceivably a sign that the star is beginning to crack. Of course, the song is a sad reminder of her once impassioned affair with Hemsworth, but maybe there is more to it than meets the eye. Miley Cyrus grew up as a part of the media circus, flying under the radar as an innocent child sensation. In adopting a new musical and stylistic direction, Miley is heading into unfamiliar territory and, as a consequence, is receiving an unprecedented critical reception.
Many perhaps forget that Cyrus is only 20 years of age; with the huge media storm, and all the negative publicity surrounding her recent actions, one must question whether she is equipped to handle what is coming her way.
The pop star’s voice began to waver and, at one point, she even commenced furious head-banging; perhaps, this was a bid to disguise her emotions, or simply an act to recompose herself. After her stint was over, mascara-stained tears were streaked along her face, as Miley welled up.
Hollywood Life report that Miley put on an entertaining show. Arguably, for anybody witnessing the events unfold, it may have been heralded as a passionate showcase. On the other hand, with the singer in a clearly fragile state, what is the public likely to witness next? Some would, of course, argue that Miley’s criticism is well-deserved after recent events. However, it remains to be seen how such a pliable, young mind can cope with the rigors of the fickle world of entertainment.
Meanwhile, putting nip slips and stage blubbering to one side, Miley is alleged to have moved on; the star is reportedly dating music producer, Mike Will Made It, who worked with Cyrus on her Bangerz record album. Was this a natural progression for the star, or could this move be regarded as a response to Liam Hemsworth’s newfound romance with Eiza Gonzalez? Time will tell.

Miley Cyrus: Hemsworth Dumped Her Before VMA

While it appeared to the world that Miley Cyrus dumped Liam Hemsworth, the truth of the matter may be very different. After she made her oblique announcement of the breakup via her unfollowing action on Twitter, a source said that Hemsworth dumped her before the VMA performance.
Or at the very least, while she was twerking her butt into Robin Thicke’s crotch onstage. Someone close to the couple claim that the two broke up a long time before the news of their split was made public.
E! News reported that about the same time that Miley was twerking onstage for the MTV Video Music Awards, Liam was packing his bags and transporting his stuff out of his 20 year-old fiancee’s home in Los Angeles. A source told them that the couples engagement had been off since that time.
Miley officially announced the end of her engagement to Hemsworth on Monday, stating after nearly four years, it was over between the two.
It has been opined that the timing of Liam moving out, suggests that he dumped Miley Cyrus before the VMA controversy and that her lascivious live performance was not her “revenge” at Hemsworth for leaving her. It has also been pointed out that the couple had split up before her routine on MTV and before Hemsworth packed his things and left.
It has been alleged that Miley engineered the move to break things off after suspecting that Hemsworth had been dallying around with January Jones and was “less than faithful to her.” But it does look like Liam made the move to leave first. Cyrus must have been dumped by Hemsworth because between the intervention from his brothers and the controversy that her image change generated gave him no choice.
When the news broke that Miley unfollowed Liam on Twitter, it was reported that the 23 year-old Hunger Games star denied that he had been sneaking around with Jones while he was engaged to Cyrus. Hemsworth’s rep stated that the allegations were not true and went so far as to call the reports “tabloid” journalism.
When the 20 year-old pop star hinted that the relationship with Hemsworth ended with an unfollow over the weekend, Hemsworth was living it up in Las Vegas and tweeting about it. Sources close to the ex-couple have said that the two have been “living separately” for quite a while now. The rumors of liam receiving solace fromMad Men‘s January Jones still exist despite his rep’s vehement denial.
Miley has been publicizing each of her new singles that have been released from her Bangerz album. First with We Can’t Stop and then Wrecking Ball. The whistlestop pace she has to maintain has not been conducive to a good relationship. Add to that mix the “sexing” up of her old Hannah Montana image, which, allegedly embarrassed Hemsworth, and the cracks were deep enough to break the young couple up.
Another source says that Miley is getting on just fine. She is focussed on her career shift and enjoying the success that her record-breaking Wrecking Ball music video has garnered. Cyrus is also shifting gears into high speed to start the run up to herBangerz album release. It seem that she has been so busy that Hemsworth had to make the move to “dump” her before her embarrassing VMA performance.

Miley Cyrus Announces Break Up With Liam

There were buzzes and whispers. There were suspicions. Now Miley Cyrus has officially broken off her engagement with long time beau Liam Hemsworth. Miley’s colorful love life made news many more times than her songs did. Her relationship got rocky with Liam during the last six months, still the duo remained engaged and tight-lipped as well. Liam has always objected to Miley’s continuous use of twitter and tweets with handsome fans. Now Twitter gave the first hint on their break up. Miley unfollowed her beau on twitter, though Liam still follows the Disney star. Miley announced the break up with Liam.
Seemingly Milley’s stage performance and videos created too much hullabaloo among fans and also on Liam’s heart. Over protective Liam didn’t take it lightly that Miley was giving herself a hand-job with foam fingers or that she appeared naked on video. ‘Wrecking ball’ brought her back to the spotlight once again, but it somehow did little more than ruin her relationship with Liam. ‘Tweaking balls’ is not always cool.
A friend of Liam’s said, “Liam really does care about Miley, but her racy new look and sort of ghetto attitude isn’t exactly what he signed up for.”
“He doesn’t really see anything sexy about what she did on stage,” he adds.
However, poor rich Liam is not obviously Mr. Clean. There were rumors that he’s developed a crush on some Latin angel. Once he was caught sending raunchy texts to actress January Jones and now Miley announced her break up with Liam over VMA award controversy.
Radar Online reported, “It’s not just Liam that Miley is pushing away…his entire team is urging him to part ways with her because she’s nothing but negative for his reputation and career.”
There were rumors about their rocky relationship, still the couple amazed the world by announcing their engagement, which created much hype and splendor on the media. Some envious celebs seemingly cursed them mentally. Still, they were together, giving a ‘defy to all enemies’ kind of solidarity. Liam was confident to take part in dashing innings with Miley, but she knocked him out by her raunchy stage performance.
Liam couldn’t take the way Miley made sexual moves in a latex bikini or did things dancing with Robin. A foam finger suddenly came between Liam and Miley to tear them apart.   Even her fans expressed their disgust after watching her VMA performance. Their favorite Disney star turned them down in a novel way.
One fan tweeted, “Miley Cyrus completely embarrassing herself at the #VMA awards. Jesus, have some self respect, there’s called being sexy, then just darn ugly.”
Another tweet spat, “I really want to go to sleep but I’m really worried Miley Cyrus might be hiding in my closet.”
And another person simply wrote: “Miley Cyrus that was disturbing.”
Miley disturbed her fans as well as her beau. Liam is really disgusted it would seem, but still he should forgive her. They’ve been dating since 2009 before getting engaged in 2012. If a girl forgives a boy, a boy should do the same. One doesn’t need to be female protagonist to support Miley Cyrus.
Maybe it’s the time to move on. Miley needs a new handsome beau for arm candy; this Aussie hottie fit the part for the time, but the Disney star will go on singing as if no one is listening and dance like no one is watching. For now, it’s time for separation. Miley Cyrus announced break up with beau Liam Hemsworth.

Miley Cyrus: Year 2013 in a Nutshell

With only three weeks left before 2013 finally pushes to a close, one name that has certainly stuck on everyone’s mind this year is that of Miley Cyrus. The pop singer undoubtedly made headlines this 2013, from her VMA performance to her split from fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. What else did Miley Cyrus do this year to make it to the news?
The year started out perfectly normal for Miley Cyrus. She vowed to quit smoking back in January, but to no avail.  She’s since been caught with joints, booze and molly. Before the excessive tweets about “twerking,” the former Disney star had been busy posting photos of herself, along with her many dogs. She was also on good terms back then with Hunger Games fiancé, Liam Hemsworth.
Things were pretty boring until Miley decided to chop off her hair and get it bleached. Twitter exploded in a matter of hours, where photos of Cyrus and her new hairdo were compared to that of Justin Bieber, Niall Horan, Tom Felton and Ellen Degeneres.
After the excessive tweets of her latest hairstyle and Chanel clothing, Cyrus introduced the latest dance craze, called “twerking.” It became even more of a hit after she had performed opposite Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards last August 25, 2013. Everyone talked non-stop about her racy performance and clothing that day. In fact, Harry Styles and Paris Hilton were two celebrities who copied Miley’s attire at the VMA’s for Halloween.
Following the scandalous performance, half-naked photos of Miley started to emerge online. The magazine covers followed suit, including those of her naked in the pool for Rolling Stone magazine. One celebrity to the next had a few scathing words to say about Miley’s latest antics, but that didn’t affect the singer one bit.
Adding to Miley’s success this year, were her two famous music videos and songs from her “Bangerz” album namely “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball.” The latter video had much of the talk, given Cyrus was completely naked swinging from a wrecking ball. Days after the video was released, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’ representatives announced the split of the one-year-engaged couple.
Yet, the split didn’t faze Miley Cyrus because she continued to work her way to the top. Thanks to her crazy antics, “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” were named the most popular videos of the year, and she had even ranked number one on Yahoo’s top search for 2013. Billy Ray’s daughter managed to beat the likes of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian.
With regards to her fashion sense, Time magazine awarded Miley as this year’s best and worst dressed.  If Ariana Grande was named the Mariah Carey of this generation, the Canadian duo, Tegan and Sara, had crowned Miley as the Madonna of today’s generation.
As for the latest on the “Bangerz” singer, she was recently spotted “twerking” over Santa Claus at the recently held Jingle Ball Concert in Los Angeles. With less than three weeks left before the end of the year, Miley Cyrus is sure to provide her fans with more outrageous and jaw-dropping acts.

Miley Cyrus Proves She Is Icon of Her Generation

Love her or hate her, there is no denying Miley Cyrus is proving to be the icon of her generation. The polarizing singer got her start on the popular Disney Channel hitHannah Montana, but it is evident she has come along way from her teeny-bopper days. To be fair, Cyrus had the odds against her from day one. As the offspring of long-forgotten country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley appeared to be just another fresh face riding on her parent’s coattails. She was another star who would long be forgotten over time, but she was not.
With a powerful combination of talent and dynamic personality, Cyrus went from sweet girl-next-door to outspoken feminist. She certainly was not the first and she certainly will no be the last. In some ways, it seems she is just another Madonna, Britney, or Lady Gaga. But in other ways, it is pretty clear Miley Cyrus is in a league of her own.  She is an artist true to who she is and does not really care what others think. She reminds young girls to achieve their dreams and to be the person they want to be, not who others think they should be.
Not everyone appreciates Cyrus’ artistic expressions. One editor for a British tween magazine claims the young singer is too raunchy for her readership. Bea Appleby, editor for Girl Talk magazine, recently said the publication would no longer cover controversial stars like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Jessie J. Appleby admitted her magazine has not featured Cyrus in the magazine in a long time because the singer is oversexualized. Perhaps Appleby is right to a degree; Miley Cyrus is too old for that magazine’s particular demographic. She is no longer the teenage pop star she was when she first started. She is just another artist who found a way to express herself.
What makes Miley Cyrus the icon of her generation? She is a good representative of people her age. She is a free-thinker who is not afraid to speak her mind. Unlike some stars around her age, she keeps a good head on her shoulders and she keeps herself out of legal troubles. More importantly, Miley is not afraid to give. She has been involved in many different charities that include but are not limited to Amnesty International, Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity, and Youth Service America. She has a big following and a major influence.
Miley Cyrus is a cool girl, a smart business woman, and a talented singer. She is not going away anytime soon, and that is a good thing. She has a bright future ahead and it is safe to say fans can expect great things from Miley in the near future. Every generation has many different great icons, and though Miley Cyrus may not be the number one icon, but she still is in the lead. It is still early in her career, give it a few years and fans will likely see Miley getting into bigger projects.

Taylor Swift Disses Miley Cyrus Says No Need to Go Nude

Taylor Swift has come right out and called a “spade a spade;” the singer has dissed Miley Cyrus and says that she, Swift, has no need to go nude. Literally one day after Cyrus “bared all” in the American fashion magazine W Swift’s comments to Glamourmagazine, for their March issue, have been making headlines.
The 24 year-old philanthropic princess, who has been named the most generous “young” star two years running, said that she would not be taking her shirt off, and furthermore, she had no real desire to do so. So take that Cyrus. There may only be three years difference in the two singer’s ages, but, their images are world’s apart.
Both Swift and Cyrus come from country y’all and while the I Knew You Were Trouble singer willingly, and enthusiastically, acknowledges her country beginnings by not only returning to the genre that spawned her, a variation on the “dance with the guy what brung ya” philosophy but encouraging her old fans to continue to follow her while earning new fans in her cross-over music.
Cyrus, the offspring of Achy Breaky Heart country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who is sadly better known for his real “achy breaky heart” marital problems. His on-again-off-again-on-again marriage to Miley’s mother garners more attention than his music. Unlike her dad, Miley did not want to stick to her country roots and after getting a start on Disney’s Hannah Montana, as the lead, she moved toward the genre of bubblegum pop…with an edge. This type of music seemed to be too much like her sickly sweet Hannah Montana character so she opted for more gritty almost trashy rock.
While Cyrus has been twerking her little behind off and showing enough skin to be offered the lead in any independent soft porn film, Swift has been acting like a lady. Class will always stand the test and Taylor topped the charts again last year with her million dollar gift to the Grand Ole Opry where she got her start. Swift knows full well that those good old boys and girls at the Opry supported her “way back when” and she’s grateful.
Taylor Swift tells Glamour that the only revealing that she is willing to do is by living her life through her music. Telling of her experiences and if the lyrics get a bit risky, so be it. She then seems to be dissing Miley Cyrus by saying that in her opinion her music is more revealing than if she took her shirt off. Something that Swift has said will not happen.
It is a relief, and a pleasure, to read an interview by another young star who doesn’t feel the need to litter her interview with f**k and s**t and relate how much they like weed and laying around the house watching their giant TV, yo. It could be said that Swift has it together more than Cyrus because of their age difference. However taking the time to look back at the All Too Well singer’s earlier years it would be very difficult to find any errant Cyrus-ish type behaviour.
Look at the “debt” that Taylor feels she owes the Grand Ole Opry folks; it almost makes fans of the singer feel proud of her attempt to give back to the institution. Cyrus on the other hand has done nothing but complain and put down the Disney “institution” that gave her that big break. Certainly the former children’s television star had it that bit tougher than Swift. Miley had to pretend to be that “nice girl” who would “never grow up” – or grow boobs as Miley bitterly complained in one interview – and there could be some room for empathy if not for the fact that Disney gave Cyrus her start.
Taylor Swift changed her genre almost effortlessly, moving easily from country music to rock/pop without missing a beat. Miley Cyrus has gone from bubblegum pop to Lord-knows-what. Tracy Lord wannabe, the next musical Jenna Jameson? Does anyone honestly care that Cyrus has feminists pulling their hair out by doing the very thing that they fought against. The simple answer is no. Swift apparently dissing Cyrus in her Glamour spread is just the philanthropic young star stating the obvious; there is no need to go nude…if you have enough talent. Just ask Taylor Swift.

Miley Cyrus Nude on Cover of W Magazine

Miley Cyrus has stripped naked again, appearing nude on the cover of March issue ofW magazine, with just a strategically placed white pillow to conceal her natural attributes. She also has bleached eyebrows. Miley has had them in past photo shoots, but who, really, is concentrating on her eyebrows when they look at this photo?
In the interview written by Ronan Farrow in W that goes with the cover, Miley Cyrus, 21, discusses many topics, like sexuality, style, how she feels about kids, and her opinion about the legalization of pot.
On the subject of fashion, for instance, Miley says that too many of the women or young girls she knows in the industry “seems like Vanna White.” She tells them that wearing makeup and having blond hair isn’t that important. She says it’s more important to have your own “personal style.”
In the interview, Miley Cyrus also says that three of the women who have inspired her are Joan Jett, Blondie, and Madonna, and she says that there are a lot of people that she knows and hangs out with, but mentions that she has “very few friends.”  
On the subject of the legalization of marijuana, Miley Cyrus is fairly clear that as long as it’s “organic, good weed” she’s up for that.
On her upcoming Bangerz tour, Miley Cyrus commented, obliquely referring back to the days when she played Hannah Montana, said that she’s “not Disney,” and that she’s not making any kind of statement.”
Miley has this to say to all of the haters out there, that “they’re just jealous of what you have.”
On relationships, Wrecking Ball singer Miley Cyrus said in the interview that she’s “not trying to jump into a relationship” and that music is taking over that particular role in her life right now. According to Miley, “that has become my other half – rather than another person.”
On the subject of children, Miley Cyrus said that she’s not a fan of them and doesn’t “love” them. She thinks that the reason might be because she had to be around so many kids when she worked on the Hannah Montana show. She also doesn’t like how she sees kids talking back to their parents, calling them “f—ing mean.”
Miley Cyrus has been, at various times in her career, both a darling of the media and the object of intense criticism. She’s masterfully used the media to ensure that, love her or hate her, the public will read about her and make her even richer than she already is, propelling her albums to the top of the charts.
Already, at this stage of Miley’s young career, she says in the interview that she doesn’t really care what the critics say, because “I’ve made my money.” She aspires to be like Dolly Parton, still being involved in the music industry at the age of 75, just doing it because she loves to do it.
Miley Cyrus is nude on the cover of W magazine, but she seems to be suggesting in the interview within that it’s no longer because of the need to get her name and music noticed. She’s been there and done that. She states in the interview that “If no one buys my album, cool.”
Like that’s going to happen. Miley Cyrus may have gotten at least some of her fans because of her VMA performance, twerking onstage with Robin Thicke. She may have gotten some doing things like singing onstage with little people, or CGI images of cute alien kittens who sing along with her. But, she’s kept the fans she has and gained more because of she’s a talented singer who has come up with some very catchy lyrics. Miley Cyrus will likely be around for a long time to come, still churning out hit songs years from now.