Freitag, 28. März 2014

Drake & Rihanna

Rihanna Holds Drake’s Hand After Flying To London For His Final Show — Pic

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These two are inseparable, and seem to be ready to come out as a couple! Rihanna flew to London from NY to support Drake on his tour and the two were spotted getting cozy and showing PDA after a date night on March 27!

We’re so excited to see that Rihanna and Drake are finally showing off their sexy romance! RiRi headed to London to be with him while he wrapped up the UK leg of his tour. To celebrate its success, the pair headed to dinner on March 27, followed by a late night at the London club, Tramp!

Rihanna & Drake Hold Hands On Sexy Date Night

However, it wasn’t all secret — the cameras caught them on their way out when they settled into the backset of their car. Rihanna was holding Drake’s hand, resting it on his lap! So cute and romantic.
Rihanna ‘Happy’ With Being ‘Exclusive’ With Drake
RiRi has been completely supportive of Drake while he’s been in London on hisWould You Like a Tour show. She went to the first few shows, then headed back to NY. However, she flew back to London on March 24, and has been by his side ever since! “She’s happy. That’s the best way to describe her current feelings and her life,” a source close to the singer told  exclusively. “She got what she wanted from him, to really be cool and exclusive with one another. She’s not smothering him. He wants her to be there with him, you know, supporting him at his shows. But when it’s all over and Drake’s not on stage, he wants to wind down and be with her and her only. He’s said that to her time and time again and that’s what they’re doing.” Do you think they make a cute couple