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Ozzy: Sometimes I pinch myself

Ozzy: Sometimes I pinch myself 

added: 10 May 2014 
Ozzy Osbourne finds Black Sabbath's continuing success "too much to take in".

The rocker and his bandmates Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler are playing in London's Hyde Park as part of the British Summer Time shows in July. The event has temporarily changed its name to Black Sabbath Time for the occasion, which has left the 65-year-old star stunned.

"That's great, y'know? I'm really honoured, and to be honest with you, it's all too much for me to take in," he admitted to Kerrang! magazine.

"The last album we did was in 1979 - that's 35 years back down the road. I keep pinching myself about the opportunities that we have now."

Last year Black Sabbath released album 13, which went to number one in several countries. The rocker knows that future musicians will keep the genre going, although he doesn't have any current favourites.

"I was doing an interview the other day and someone asked me what the latest band I liked was, and I shouted, 'I don't know any f**king new bands!' They said to me, 'So who's going to carry the torch when you guys are done?' To be honest, I don't know who's going to be the next big thing. I do know that rock won't die though - and you'll never kill live music," he mused.

Black Sabbath were formed in 1968 and since then they have seen drummer Bill Ward leave the band. Ozzy will never forget how things used to be.

"When we first played in London, one of the first places we played was - what's its f**king name, on Wardour Street... The Marquee Club!" he laughed.

"People thought we were f**king nuts, and we probably were back then."

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