Samstag, 10. Mai 2014

MLB Guardian Liberty Voice Power Rankings: Milwaukee Brewers for Real?

May 2 arrives, and finds the Milwaukee Brewers still atop the Guardian Liberty Voice MLB power rankings voted on by the baseball staff. The Brewers have shown no sign of slowing down, and are going to make it difficult for the Cardinals, Reds, and Pirates to catch them.
Most the teams stayed at or near the rankings they had from the previous week, as teams are beginning to settle into their places for the early part of the season. There were a few exceptions to his however. The San Francisco Giants climbed five places, to get back into fourth place, a position they held two weeks ago. Several teams climbed four places in the rankings as well.
While only one team made, what can be considered, a serious increase, two teams saw very dramatic decreases. The Toronto Blue Jays dropped nine spots, falling to No. 20, while the Tampa Bay Rays fell seven spots to No. 22.
The Arizona Diamondbacks unseated the Cubs for last in the rankings.

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