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Miley Cyrus Starting to Crack: Nip Slips and Stage Blubbering [Video]

After months of being in the limelight, producing an endless series of provocative performances, wearing outlandish attire and twerking her way out of relationships, are there telltale signs Miley Cyrus is starting to crack? Performing a recent gig at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas, on Sep. 21, the We Can’t Stop singer began to blubber. Aside from this emotional spectacle, Miley also experienced a nip slip, as an unsuspecting crowd of fans looked on.

The Nip Slip

Miley’s supporters were clearly in full-force, as she arrived on stage to rapturous cheering. She began by graciously thanking her fans for attending the event, and helping to propel her new single Wrecking Ball to number one on the Billboard top 100.
She then went onto address recent stirrings within the media:
“As you know, there’s always things that I’m doing that are getting me into trouble, but really it’s just me doing what my heart and my soul is telling me to do, and it’s all inspired by my music.”
Although many consider Miley to have been in a state of undress during her Video Music Awards performance, the young singer inadvertently took things to a whole new level during the iHeartRadio festival.
E! News reports that Miley had a wardrobe malfunction, whilst on stage. However, this nip slip did not seem to deter Miley one bit; later on during the proceedings, she switched into an even more risqué outfit. This time, Miley was sporting a meshed garment, with her assets concealed by nothing more than a couple of black nipple covers.

Stage Blubbering

Miley (aged 20), as expected, delivered a live performance of Wrecking Ball. Many, quite naturally, speculate the song is a reference to her relationship with Liam Hemsworth.
Last week, the couple called off their engagement and put an end to their relationship. Speculation over precisely what triggered the split is rife. Held at the Barclay’s Center in New York, Many report Liam Hemsworth (aged 23) to have been mortified by Miley’s racy VMA performance. However, other sources close to the pair suggest the romance to have been on the rocks long before Cyrus’ eccentric collaboration with Robin Thicke.
Throughout her Wrecking Ball performance, Miley was evidently very emotional. Undoubtedly, the performance now has even greater personal meaning following the official demise of her relationship, perhaps explaining the outpouring of emotion.
Miley Cyrus flashes a bit too much flesh at the iHeart music festival
Miley accidentally shows a bit too much flesh at the iHeart music festival in Vegas
On the other hand, this is quite conceivably a sign that the star is beginning to crack. Of course, the song is a sad reminder of her once impassioned affair with Hemsworth, but maybe there is more to it than meets the eye. Miley Cyrus grew up as a part of the media circus, flying under the radar as an innocent child sensation. In adopting a new musical and stylistic direction, Miley is heading into unfamiliar territory and, as a consequence, is receiving an unprecedented critical reception.
Many perhaps forget that Cyrus is only 20 years of age; with the huge media storm, and all the negative publicity surrounding her recent actions, one must question whether she is equipped to handle what is coming her way.
The pop star’s voice began to waver and, at one point, she even commenced furious head-banging; perhaps, this was a bid to disguise her emotions, or simply an act to recompose herself. After her stint was over, mascara-stained tears were streaked along her face, as Miley welled up.
Hollywood Life report that Miley put on an entertaining show. Arguably, for anybody witnessing the events unfold, it may have been heralded as a passionate showcase. On the other hand, with the singer in a clearly fragile state, what is the public likely to witness next? Some would, of course, argue that Miley’s criticism is well-deserved after recent events. However, it remains to be seen how such a pliable, young mind can cope with the rigors of the fickle world of entertainment.
Meanwhile, putting nip slips and stage blubbering to one side, Miley is alleged to have moved on; the star is reportedly dating music producer, Mike Will Made It, who worked with Cyrus on her Bangerz record album. Was this a natural progression for the star, or could this move be regarded as a response to Liam Hemsworth’s newfound romance with Eiza Gonzalez? Time will tell.

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