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Paul McCartney: Nirvana project was unplanned

Paul McCartney: Nirvana project was unplanned 

added: 11 May 2014
Paul McCartney only knew that he was playing with some great musicians when he recorded Cut Me Some Slack for the album Sound City: Reel to Real. It wasn't until well into the jam that he found out that the rest of the band used to be Nirvana.

McCartney spoke by phone with Kevin and Bean on KROQ in Los Angeles last Tuesday, talking about the three-hour recording session that produced the song. He told the radio show "In the middle of all of that, I didn't know that I was in a Nirvana reunion. I thought I was jamming with a bunch of guys. It was only when I heard them talking, 'Hey, we haven't done this in 20 years or something!' I'm going, 'What are you talking about, guys?' 'Well, you know, we're Nirvana.' I must admit, I didn't even know, I said, 'Oh, OK, that's pretty cool.'"

Paul also said there might be some surprises in store at his August 10 show at Dodger Stadium. "Nowadays I have millions of people I know out there, not least of all, Ringo. Who knows, we might find a couple of them creeping up on stage unbeknownst to me."

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