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Rita Ora thought Beyonce was a robot

Rita Ora thought Beyonce was a robot 

added: 10 May 2014
Rita Ora used to think Beyonce Knowles "plugged herself into a socket at night".

The British singer was discovered by Jay Z and has remained close to the rapper throughout her career. She has met his wife Beyonce, which counts as one of her career highlights.

"Oh my gosh, I was so scared. She's like the idol I've always wanted to meet," she told British magazine Heat. "I always thought she wasn't human and that she just plugged herself into a socket at night and sleeps standing up, or something. But she was incredible - so kind, so honest, so caring and so approachable."
Jay Z and Beyonce are parents to two-year-old daughter Blue Ivy and Rita is delighted to see how much they love the tot. 

"I've seen her so many times, but I don't think anyone has been asked to babysit. I don't think they want to let her out of their sight, she's their little angel. But if they asked me, I would do it," she explained.

Rita added that Jay is always clean and smells "like a tree" because he's so fresh. He remains the most famous person in her phone book, and one of those who she can always rely on to be honest with her.

"I think the best would probably be Jay, just because he always tells me something that I need to hear every time I talk to him," she said, when asked who the best celebrity she has in her contacts list is. "He's always so kind; I've learnt a lot from him."

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