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Bieber: Sorry Seth, I'm shy

Bieber: Sorry Seth, I'm shy 

Justin Bieber has apologised for not "bowing down" to Seth Rogen.

The comedy actor recently slammed the 20-year-old singer for not acting interested when he introduced himself after Justin had specifically requested a meeting.

Now the musician has apologised to Seth, explaining why he reacted the way he did.

"Seth Rogan sorry I didnt bow down when I asked 2 meet u was probably a bit shy and didn''t want to be over the top but still. love ur movies. (sic)," he posted on Twitter.

The feud began when the 32-year-old and Justin both appeared on a German talk show. The Baby singer asked to meet up with Seth, but then appeared uninterested.

'I was like, 'Sure, I'll meet him,'' Seth explained on The Howard Stern Show. 'So I went outside to meet him and he was acting like I asked to meet him! It was very nonchalant, 'Yo man. What's up?' and I was like, 'What the f**k, I don't give a f**k... I don't want to meet you. Don't act all nonplussed to meet me. I didn't want to meet you. I was totally cool not meeting you.'' But I was like, fine, I wouldn't have said anything, I was like, 'He's a bit of a motherf**ker.'

'He's a good example of someone you meet, who you think you're going to hate, and then you get to hate him as much as you thought. You meet him, and he lives up to every one of your expectations of how you hope he will be."

Seth also slammed Justin publically on Twitter in January.

"All jokes aside, Justin Bieber is a piece of sh*t. (sic)," he wrote.

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