Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014



McMahon - Interview -
Irish singer McMahon has an extraordinary story to tell, and as his career progresses he will learn to tell it many many times. The former Irish champion gymnast and roller-blader was left half blind after a near fatal car crash in 2007. The fact that he recovered was a huge achievement, but even more impressive has been his move into music. His debut album Half Blind was released last year and is a wonderful mix of soul and pop. It has been described by Music News as a "gorgeously uplifting experience and genuinely surprising".

We meet Stephen McMahon in London, overlooking the new BBC Broadcasting House on a muggy day in the Capital. He is a delight to chat to - and very honest. The Cork-born singer talks about his love of music - and how that awful accident led him to quit sport and take up music. He begins by talking about the difference between performing in sport and performing on stage.

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