Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

Vargas Blues Band Big City Blues

Vargas Blues Band 

Big City Blues

Vargas Blues Band - Big City Blues -
Somedays what you need is some unrepentant, unpasteurised and classic Rock/Blues. All swagger and proud power and completely without any irony – gotta love the Vargas Blues Band!

Paul Shortino and Bobby Alexander share the vocals and with the legend Carmine Appice on drums you aren’t likely to get a soft and fluffy Emo and Javier Vargas himself is no slouch with a six-string ripping out some huge riffs and solos throughout the album.

‘Rock And Roll Circus’ rips out a heavy riff while the funk of ‘Sin City’ should get your buns moving – hot and heavy is the order of the day here.
Opener ‘Shake Baby Shake’ is full of all that is good about the band; shimmering guitar and snarling vocals over a hammer beat and another fine chorus.
The only real downer is an execrable version of ‘Love Hurts’ – there oughta be a law against it 

Don’t be ashamed if you like this album – there really is nothing other than fine rock. Play loud and scare the neighbours.

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